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Kongsberg Automotive’s Market-leading Clutches

For over 60 years, Kongsberg Automotive has been producing market-leading aftermarket and original equipment truck parts, including gear shift systems, clutch actuator systems, accelerator pedals and electronic controls. Let’s explore why Kongsberg is considered a leader in the truck and bus industry and why their aftermarket parts for trucks are so widely adopted.

AMT External Actuator

Kongsberg’s ExAct ™ pneumatic clutch actuator has been developed for use in Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) applications, alongside Clutch By Wire (CBW) solutions. This external actuator has a very fast response time with high accuracy, which is vital within modern AMT and CBW systems. The ExAct ™ clutch actuator features integrated pneumatic valves and an electronic controller within the unit, making it a general ‘plug and plays’ solution.

The features and benefits of their ExAct ™ pneumatic clutch actuator include:

· Seamless communication with integrated ECU via a CAN or PWM input.

· Integrated tilt sensing accelerometer within the ECU.

· Can be adapted to all clutch characteristics.

· The unit is compact and light, which with the absence of hydraulic fluid, creates ease of handling in production and contributes to general weight distribution.

· The clutch housing’s mechanical interface is identical to a manual clutch servo or slave cylinder.

· The self-adjustment mechanism compensates for tolerances in the clutch mechanism and clutch wear over the clutch life.

· The unit has been designed for 6 million actuations, thus creating a maintenance-free actuator for life.


Kongsberg features a specially designed steel braided Nylon hose with new quick connectors called the SLV-04-Flex hose, which has been developed for the clutch actuation systems. These hoses have a very low volumetric expansion but maintain sufficient flexibility, making routing and assembly on the vehicle easy.

The features of these hoses include:

· A low volumetric expansion contributes to maximising the overall efficiency of the clutch actuation system.

· The hoses can be terminated with any kind of fitting, from traditional threaded connectors to modern, quick connectors.

· The Kongsberg Automotive Clip-Lock quick connectors can easily be detached again after assembly, making repair and maintenance easy.

Pedal Box

Kongsberg produces various pedal solutions for throttle and clutch actuation, which are equipped with either position sensors and/or master cylinders to generate an electric and/or hydraulic output.

Kongsberg’s pedal solutions are complete with an array of different features. They can be used for clutch-by-wire systems, and additional switches can be integrated into the pedal box to handle functions such as cruise control.


Clutch Servo

Kongsberg’s truck clutch servos can be used on vehicle platforms ranging from lightweight to heavy. They are equipped with a flexible valve solution, which can be tuned to give a specific pedal force and feeling.

Clutch servos from Kongsberg Automatic have high wear resistance to ensure long-term durability and can be equipped with the additional feature of visual wear indicators for easy clutch wear detection. They can also be equipped with linear position sensors, on/off switches with electrical output signals for various purposes and a pneumatic 3/2 valve (SPV) for protecting the transmission.

Complete System

Kongsberg Automotive produces a complete clutch actuation system for MT that is inclusive of all components from the driver interface at the clutch pedal and down the clutch lever.

It is a complete and pre-filled system, thus reducing the installation time on the vehicle and eliminating the need for a fluid filling station on the assembly line. Additionally, having a complete clutch system means that the technical responsibility is clearly defined. 

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