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Maximising Brake Performance: How Bendix and Knorr Bremse Brakes Improve Safety

Brake systems are crucial to vehicle safety. They safeguard road users from potential mishaps. Bendix and Knorr Bremse have garnered an unparalleled reputation in brake performance among industry leaders in automotive safety technologies. This article delves into how their truck brake parts maximise brake performance and safety.

Bendix and Knorr Bremse Brakes Improve Safety

Understanding Brake Performance

Brake performance is quantified by brake power, thermal capacity, consistency, and predictability. These factors collectively determine the effectiveness of a brake system. Superior brake performance is characterised by cohesive balance among all of these factors. With many of their products, Bendix and Knorr Bremse have found this optimal equilibrium, offering products with an exceptional balance in brake power, thermal capacity, and response consistency.

About Bendix

Bendix Corporation is an American manufacturing and engineering company founded in 1924 by Vincent Bendix. The company has produced:

  1. Avionics
  2. Automotive brake shoes and systems
  3. Aircraft brakes
  4. Vacuum tubes
  5. Aeronautical hydraulics and electric power systems
  6. Radios
  7. Aircraft and automobile fuel control systems
  8. Computers
  9. Televisions

Today, Bendix, a member of the Knorr-Bremse group of companies, develops and supplies active safety technologies, energy management solutions, air brake charging control systems, and brake components for medium and heavy-duty trucks, tractors, trailers, buses, and other commercial vehicles. Bendix operates worldwide, including in Australia.

Bendix and Knorr Bremse Brake Technologies

Knorr Bremse brake systems incorporate advanced technologies to optimise truck brake performance and work perfectly with Bendix brake friction technologies.

Pads and Linings

Bendix truck brake pads and linings are engineered with sophisticated friction materials designed to reduce noise and increase performance. These materials offer high friction coefficients, even at high temperatures, ensuring consistent brake performance.

Brake Fade Resistance

Bendix brake systems are engineered with superior fade resistance. All brake systems endure a level of fade, or the reduction in stopping power, due to a surge in brake temperature with repeated or prolonged use. However, Bendix ensures their truck brakes exhibit minimal fade, even under demanding conditions. Their brake systems incorporate innovative heat dissipation features, providing exceptional resistance to brake fade.

Rotor Technology

Bendix rotors are made with advanced metallurgy, contributing to their overall performance and lifespan. They adhere to a high-quality construction standard, ensuring high resistance to cracking, reduced vibrations, and amplified thermal aptitude.

Drum Brake Technology

Bendix drum brake technology offers unmatched safety. These drum brakes have proprietary features like riveted linings and an automatic adjuster mechanism. These aspects allow for increased truck and trailer brake lining life with no need for manual brake adjustment and reduced servicing time, contributing to overall safety.

ABS and ESC Systems

Antilock Braking Systems (ABS) prevent wheels from locking during heavy braking, while, maintaining vehicle control and stability. These days, new trucks and trailers are Electronic Brake Systems (EBS), which detect and reduces loss of traction, significantly improving vehicle stability. These systems work harmoniously, reducing the likelihood of over-steering, under-steering, or slipping accidents. Bendix brake controls are now fully integrated into the Knorr Bremse EBS brake control systems, with common branding across the two companies.

Bendix and Knorr Bremse Brake Performance and Safety

Improved brake performance invariably leads to enhanced safety. Here are ways Bendix and Knorr Bremse together provide superior braking safety:

Consistent Stopping Power

Knorr Bremse ABS provides reliable and predictable stopping power under varying conditions. Knorr Bremse brake controls guarantee consistent stopping power, enhancing safety.

Heat Management

Effective heat management contributes to brake performance and safety. Bendix truck and trailer brake lining superior heat dissipation features ensure brake performance remains consistent, even under high-temperature conditions. This attribute is an important safety feature.

Reduced Wear

Bendix truck brake systems are designed to reduce brake wear. Less wear implies prolonged brake life and fewer malfunctions. This ensures the brake system remains in optimal condition for longer, keeping the vehicle safer.

Vehicle Stability

Knorr Bremse EBS provides advanced vehicle stability to avoid unexpected road situations. By maintaining stability, these EBS systems increase the safety and control of the vehicle.


Bendix and Knorr Bremse set an industry benchmark with features that place these companies ahead of competitors, promising a safer drive regardless of what road conditions a driver will encounter.

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