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Meritor brake linings for American truck and trailer applications

An efficient braking system is the central component of your truck’s safety features. It is your truck’s final line of defence against accidents. If you are in the trucking business, your brakes should always be in optimal condition.

Trucks and trailers in Australia cover long distances between towns. To run a successful trucking business, you need ready access to high-quality aftermarket parts for your trucks. This not only ensures your truck’s safety, but it will also minimize your downtime significantly.

Meritor is a leading supplier of braking systems for American trucks and trailers. This article takes a closer look at the Meritor brand and its brake lining solutions.

What Are Brake Linings

Brake linings are a vital component of your trucks braking system. Invented by Bertha Benz in 1888, they have been saving lives and enhancing vehicle performance ever since. Modern brake linings increase the lifespan of your brake disks by protecting them from damage.

The brake lining is the part of your brake system that comes into contact with your brake disk or rotor. It is made of a robust heat-resistant material that is slightly softer than your brake disks. The brake linings convert the kinetic energy in the wheels to heat and dissipate it.

Your brake linings need to be heat resistant because they convert the kinetic energy to heat when the brakes are engaged. The brake linings then dissipate this heat to the atmosphere. Brake linings wear out gradually due to friction with your brake disks.

Brake linings are simpler components than brake disks and more affordable to replace. As such, on contact, the brake linings are worn down while the brake disk remains intact. Braking systems generally have a warning tang that produces a screeching sound when your brake linings are worn out.

Why You Should Use Meritor Products

Meritor is a powerhouse in the commercial vehicle industry. It has been providing innovative drivetrain, suspensions, brakes and safety solutions for more than a century. The company specializes in providing OE products for manufacturers and aftermarket equipment for truck operators globally.

Meritor’s origin can be traced back to 1909 when Timken Detroit Axles was launched in Michigan. Timken Detroit Axles was merged with Standard Steel and Spring and Wisconsin Parts in 1953 to form the Rockwell Spring and Axle Company.

The Rockwell Spring and Axle Company continued to thrive and established the automotive arm of its operations in Troy, Michigan in 1975. After years of international success, Rockwell established Meritor Automotive as a spinoff of its automotive business. Meritor went on to acquire Volvo Trucks’ heavy vehicle manufacturing operations, Euclid Industries and Lucas Varity Vehicle Braking Systems.

Meritor then merged with Arvin industries in 2000 to form the ArvinMeritor Inc. This relationship led to the development of several innovative inventions. These include a hybrid drivetrain system for linehaul trucks and the famous Meritor®14X tandem drive axle. In 2011, the Meritor company name was restored.

Meritor in Australia

Meritor Heavy Vehicle Systems Australia Ltd was founded in 1960 in Melbourne, Victoria. The company was a key assembly, manufacturing and distribution centre for Meritor in the region. In 2012, the Melbourne facility was upgraded to house the first local Reman workshop. It combined distribution packaging and remanufacturing operations at a single location.

Remanufacturing reduces waste, promotes recycling and cuts your downtime significantly. Australian operators of American trailers and trucks no longer need to wait for components to be ordered from overseas. Meritor’s reman facility offers high-quality, affordable aftermarket solutions that are readily available for the trucking industry in Australia.

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