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Monroe Shock Absorbers for Trucks and Bus

Monroe has been a name in aftermarket parts for European trucks for years, even if you don’t own a truck, bus or car you may still be familiar with the name *Monroe*. While Monroe has been known as a spare part for the family car, today Monroe is also producing shock absorbers for the logistics and heavy transport industry.

Monroe is a European original equipment supplier, a popular choice for Daf, Iveco and Man trucks and busses, an excellent choice for your fleet. For decades Monroe has been leading the world when it comes to innovative shock absorber technologies. Their designs alone have resulted in market-leading advantages.

Monroe today is giving truck and fleet owners a performance and quality that is second to none in the aftermarket parts for European trucks. From seat dampers and cabin dampers to axle shock systems, Monroe also provides the very best when it comes to after-sales support. Enjoy the service and products that European truck brands have been enjoying for years right here in Australia – right now.

When you purchase Monroe shock absorbers for your truck or bus you can be assured of the very best when it comes to support with a technical helpline available Australia wide, their goal is to provide you with the very best in the following:

  1. Durability – with single-sided brushing – very high strength of the brushing is achieved, which makes installing a shock absorber easier and the high-temperature resistant sealing system increases the longevity of each unit.
  2. Resistance – the high-temperature semi-synthetic hydraulic fluid improves the damping behaviour giving you more consistent damping over a more extensive temperature range. The anti-wear coated piston ring makes the unit high-wear resistant thanks to its sealing capabilities you have more consistent damping. The double action valving system guarantees safe handling performance of your vehicle, so forces on a chassis component are kept to a minimum.
  3. Don’t forget the fantastic 24-month 150,000KM warranty!

Monroe is the leader when it comes to shock absorbers and is the industry leaders in cabin shock segments, axle shocks for trucks and trailers parts, buses and coaches. The seat damper range is unique to Monroe, and they are always launching new part numbers.

  1. Cabin Dampers are available in a wide range including – over-shock air spring, conventional cabin shock, air spring cabin damper without air spring, lateral cabin shock, coil spring cabin damper with integrated coil spring, stand-alone air spring and air spring cabin damper with integrated air spring.
  2. Axle Shocks for buses, coaches, trucks, and trailers are for any commercial vehicles used for transporting people or goods and feature unique elements that make Monroe stand out including the *blow-off* valve and hydraulic stop.

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