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The All-New Dana AU70 SLS

Just three years after setting up their new head office in Melbourne, Dana Australia is making headlines with its new developments. The company has successfully manufactured a brand new Australian-made 46K drive head for local applications.

New Dana AU70 SLS

Dana is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket parts for European trucks like IVECO, SCANIA and VOLVO. By expanding its operations in Australia, Dana is strengthening its foundations in the region. Truck operators can rest assured that the brand is serious about its investments in the local trucking industry.

The new Dana AU70 SLS has been designed and engineered to push the 1 million Km life-to-overhaul mark. The engineers are certain that this design will be operational for at least 1.2 Kilometres before it needs an overhaul. About 20 trucks equipped with the new drive head are currently performing real-world field tests down under. They are being subjected to all the conditions Aussie truckers would face under normal circumstances.

Dana Australia’s engineering manager, Tony Robinson, has been on the front line of developing and testing the success of the new drive head. According to Robinson, two of the earliest AU70 SLS drive heads were disassembled after covering 650,000 km of active operations. These drive heads only showed negligible signs of wear in the critical areas. This assured the design team that they can achieve the 1.2 million km mark with this drive head.

Key Features of the New AU70 SLS Drive head

Standard drive heads have an average line-to-overhaul range of 700,000 km to 1,000,000 km. To extend the drive head lifespan beyond 1 million km, Dana engineers incorporated a range of revolutionary features into the drive head design. Below are some of these solutions

1.      Self Lubricating System

The main indicator that a drive head needs an overhaul is the extent of wear of its components. Driving a truck with worn out driveline components is very risky. It puts both you and other road users in danger.

You can reduce the rate of wear of mechanical truck components by improving the lubrication system. Dana’s Self-lubrication system uses external oil delivery tubes to bring fresh oil precisely where it is needed.

This system ensures that the drive head components are always washed and coated with a clean film of oil. The AU70-SLS uses a force-fed lubrication mechanism to deliver the oil under pressure. This way, the entire drive head assembly can receive adequate lubrication throughout its lifespan.

2.      Better Temperature Control

Exposing lubricating oils to high temperatures for extended periods can reduce their effectiveness. According to Mr Robinson, the AU70-SLS drive head is cooler than conventional systems by about 150C. Lowering the operational temperatures is effective in extending the durability of the lubricating oil. This, in turn, improves the performance and lifespan of your drive head.

3.      Local Design and Manufacture

Australian trucks are exposed to some of the harshest conditions in the trucking industry. Trucks need more robust components to survive the Aussie outback. The Dana AU70-SLS was locally designed and built using high-grade local materials.

This move assures truck drivers and operators of access to high-quality affordable components for the new AU70-SLS system. Local manufacture also reduces the downtime of your truck because its components will be easy to find.

Dana is constantly developing new innovative solutions to improve the performance of heavy vehicles. The company is driven by its founders’ innovative culture and dedication to customer satisfaction. The AU70 SLS drive head was unveiled at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show and will soon be commercially available.

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