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The All New Levelling Valve

WABCO Introduces New Levelling Valve

For heavy vehicles getting the right parts is essential. One slip up on the road could lead to massive fatalities and property damage. To make matters worse, using unsanctioned parts can void a warranty and cause problems with your insurance claims. You should always get compliant parts and have them correctly installed.

The question is: how can you tell the parts are ‘right’? If you’re hunting for truck parts, mechanics and industry insiders will suggest that you begin with trusted brands like WABCO.

If you approach an authorised aftermarket parts outlet, you can get original WABCO, Hino, Isuzu, Fuso, Scania, Volvo and many other compliant parts at a reasonable cost. Replacing Wabco original parts with Wabco aftermarket parts will not affect the compliance of your vehicle because they are sourced straight from the original manufacturer. Wabco parts are also easy to buy thanks to excellent distribution networks.

WABCO is currently supplying their aftermarket channels with its new levelling valve. These valves are part of your truck’s suspension system. They are air-powered valves that help to level your trailer, improving the driver’s comfort and protecting the cargo.

Shock absorbers also help protect the parts of the vehicle. Without good suspension, your cargo can rub and this friction can have disastrous consequences. The larger and heavier your vehicle, the stronger your suspension needs to be. And with trailers, the heavier the cargo the more demand for shocks absorption.

In addition to the truck chassis itself, a trailer uses suspension components with pivots, bushes, pins and airbags. They have to counterbalance each other to avoid tipping, curving or rolling. When the trailer is fully laden, the suspension has to keep it from sinking too low and affecting the stability of the truck.

Similarly, when it’s partially full, the weight has to be evened out to keep parts of the chain from slipping away. Air suspension valves automate this balancing act to keep your truck moving safely. They maintain even traction on all your wheels, maintain the height of the headlights, stabilise steering, and ensure effective braking.

In the past, levelling valves were made of aluminium. They offered lightweight construction and were resistant to corrosion. WABCO’s new levelling valve is made using composite materials which are even more cost-effective and more corrosion resistant than aluminium.

Composites are 20% lighter than aluminium. They’re also compatible with aluminium parts so you can replace them with no additional customisation. The specs, functions, and interphases are identical to aluminium valves, but performance is significantly better. Each levelling valve has PTC fittings and a T-connector to limit height where necessary.

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