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New to the Wabco Collection

Wabco Product Update

When it comes to trailers the ability to monitor a range of conditions and functions is important, after all, the goal of every truck owner is to reduce the costs associated with operating a truck while improving the efficiency of the truck on the road. Previously if you wanted to monitor a function, it was achieved by either a multi-purpose device, which was often difficult to use or through a trailer mounted device.

New to the Wabco collection is the Wabco Smartboard; this device combines all the functions of a range of trailer monitoring devices that were once separately mounted, into a single multi-functional system.

If you own a Trailer EBS D & E systems, the Wabco brake Smartboard is a retrofit option, and thankfully these come in two variants. One of the variants available to buy is the *ADR* for dangerous goods vehicles.

The ADR Variant for dangerous goods vehicles SmartBoard part number is 446 192 11 0

The SmartBoard part number for the battery option is 446 192 110 0

Wabco is exceptionally pleased to announce these two variants are now available on the Australian market.

Smartboard benefits include:

  • A customisable welcome screen
  • The operating controls and information is easily sourced within a single, locally configured system
  • Multiple language availabilities
  • Easy to use with a very simple operation and menu guidance using just three buttons
  • There is optical warning available for all safety-related functions, with user-specifiable parameter settings
  • An extended icon oriented display for both clarity and simplicity together with maximum functionality
  • All main functions are accessible with a single *click*
  • Mileage counter
  • Load monitoring
  • Diagnostic and failure
  • Multiple languages
  • Tyre monitoring
  • Air suspensions
  • Lining wear
  • Extras

When it comes to the SmartBoard repair options – they are as follows:

  • Battery Repair Kit – part number 449 192 920 3
  • Cover – part number 446 192 650 4


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