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Nikola Electric Truck May Be Heading to Australia

It was recently reported in Diesel News that the new Nikola electric truck may be headed to Australia. Produced by Nikola – a pioneering brand in America – the new cabover electric truck release has been aimed directly at both the Asia Pacific and European truck markets.

Nikola is not content with working just in the American truck market and along with a prototype electric over-the-road truck tractor for North America, there are plans to put the brand on a cabover model for markets in the Asia Pacific and European markets which include, New Zealand, Australia and Japan.

The Nikola One is an entirely new – from the ground up heavy-duty truck that is part bonneted truck and cabover. The new model has been designed for the European market is a cabover, produced in-house but with European design support.

Just as with the Nikola Two regional day cab and the Nikola one long-haul sleeper, the newly announced Nicola Tre will use, as it’s powertrain, a battery-electric- traction with hydrogen-powered fuel-cell electric generator extender that will only emit pure water.

The Nikola One and Two will be rolled out in America in 2021 and 2022 with the cabover variants to be produced around the same time. Nikola is working with NEL Hydrogen in Oslo Norway to design a fueling infrastructure that will supply the hydrogen fuel for the range extension electrical generator subsystem by the time the trucks are ready to be rolled out for their markets.

At the moment there are little details about the Nikola Tre – which is Norwegian for three, it’s assumed it will use a battery pack, electric motor and controller system for traction just like the American product concept.

The Tre has been designed as a fully autonomous level 5 platform with automatic braking and steering, as with the One and Two braking is regenerative, returning kinetic energy back into the batteries when stopped. It will be the first European zero-emission commercial truck on the market. It will come with redundant steering, redundant braking, redundant 120 kW hydrogen fuel cell and redundant 800V DC batteries – all the gear needed to ensure this is a true level 5 autonomous vehicle.

Testing in Europe is to begin in 2020, it is expected that Nikola spare parts will be available for sale when the truck is released and can be purchased where you buy your Nissan UD spare parts, Iveco spare parts and the like. At the moment Nikola is still scouting a location to set up its manufacturing plant in Europe, with the fuelling infrastructure much the same as it is in America.

By 2028 Nikola plans to have more than 700 hydrogen stations across Canada and America with each station capable of 2,000 to 8,000 KG of hydrogen production daily.


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