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Our Bosch Collection

Bosch has been a force to reckon with in the engineering and electronics industry having entered the industry since 1886. This is one of the reasons why Bosch brands are highly demanded. Some of the Bosch products you should watch out for as you buy parts for your trucks include the following.

Fuel Injectors

Bosch fuel injectors include Port Fuel Injectors (PFI) and Direct Injectors (DI). PFI does have a robust design, and they are capable of making use of Ethanol fuel. Also, the Direct Injectors provide the basis for a more economical and cleaner engine ignition and are suitable for common rail systems.  Bosch injectors are produced to the OE specifications and have a return rate of one part per million.

Fuel Pumps

Bosch fuel pumps have a compact design and tight tolerances, and they make way for the latest advancement which is turbine pump technology. This revolutionary technology can replace the conventional fuel pumps in your Volvo or Iveco trucks with reduced hot-start problems and improved drivability. Bosch fuel pumps  deliver up to 30% higher efficiency, which helps in reducing CO2 emissions and saving fuel.

Hydraulic Steering Pumps

Bosch steering pumps can directly replace the original equipment in your DAF or Mitsubishi trucks and are carefully designed for optimum performance. The range includes both mechanical and electric steering pumps.

Starter Motors

With Bosch starters, you will get an opportunity to enjoy years of reliable performance even if it’s under the most extreme operating conditions.


Bosch alternators are of high quality and 100% factory tested. All Bosch alternators are highly durable even if you use them under the most extreme operating conditions.


There is no doubt that the Bosch truck windscreen wiper is the premier solution for the winter season. By their design, the wiper blades are not affected by ice buildup or snow. Aside from this, the tension springs and bracketless design greatly help in keeping the blade highly flexible and providing a better wiping performance in all climatic conditions. With this, you can achieve exceptional weather visibility during the winter.

Get Your Bosch Product

If you are ready to benefit from the uniqueness of Bosch products and an experience of more than a century as a global leader in truck parts, then buy a Bosch wiper, alternator, fuel pump or fuel injector from us today.

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