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How to Extend the Life of Your Suspension System

Ensure your truck remains in peak condition by prioritising the longevity of your suspension system. Preserving this crucial element is paramount for enhancing your vehicle’s performance, safety and durability. To ensure longevity and avoid costly suspension repairs, adhere to proper maintenance practices and understand the importance of opting for quality aftermarket parts for each component in the suspension system.

In this article, we will discuss how to prolong the life of your suspension system, focusing on industry leaders like Hendrickson suspension systems….

The Power and Performance of 16-Litre Volvo Trucks

Long-haul drivers and transport operators in Australia and New Zealand often focus on two main factors when adding assets to their truck fleet. Power and comfort can drastically change the driver’s experience on a long-haul trip, making these factors a major consideration. This article will examine Volvo’s 16-litre truck range and discuss how these high-powered vehicles combine comfort and power with strong aftermarket distribution of Volvo truck parts.

The Power and Performance of 16-Litre Volvo Trucks

Valeo vs. Bosch: Which Alternator is Best?

The alternator is a crucial part of any combustion engine vehicle, turning mechanical energy into electrical energy that charges your battery. Without a correctly functioning alternator, your battery won’t charge, and your starter motor won’t crank the engine. Choosing the right alternator for your vehicle can make a big difference to performance and longevity, and plenty of options are available.

Valeo vs. Bosch

Two of the big names, especially for European trucks, are Valeo and Bosch. Each has its pros and cons, and is suitable for …

How DAF Trucks Became Industry Favourites

Dutch-French truck manufacturer DAF has been consistently developing a reputation for excellence in the transport industry. Sales figures from the Truck Industry Council showed DAF shot to 7th on the list for heavy-duty sales in December 2022, capturing a 5.1% market share and putting them above recognised names such as Mercedes-Benz, Hino, MAN and Iveco, to name a few.

Daf trucks

While brands like Kenwood, Isuzu and Volvo continue to lead the pack, it’s hard to argue with the growing …

Trucking Safety: The Top 10 Checks for Australian Roads

At the heart of our transportation network, thousands of truck drivers work diligently to ensure that goods reach their destinations safely and on time. Pertinent to their safety is the health of their vehicles. Regularly checking and maintaining integral components, including MAN truck parts and aftermarket MAN truck parts, becomes vital for overall trucking safety.

truck safety

Here are the top 10 checks every driver or truck fleet operator should perform routinely to ensure safety across Australian roads….

Optimising Emission Control with Catalysts and Filter Substrates by Dinex

Increasingly stringent noxious emissions standards all over the world are forcing manufacturers of truck exhaust system parts to evolve. Dinex is one such company, boasting an impressive record when it comes to substrate filter technology and exhaust after-treatment systems. In this article, we’ll look at the importance of emission control and some of Dinex’s innovative technology.

Optimising Emission Control with Catalysts and Filter Substrates by Dinex

Why is emission control important?

Vehicle exhausts …

Maximising Brake Performance: How Bendix and Knorr Bremse Brakes Improve Safety

Brake systems are crucial to vehicle safety. They safeguard road users from potential mishaps. Bendix and Knorr Bremse have garnered an unparalleled reputation in brake performance among industry leaders in automotive safety technologies. This article delves into how their truck brake parts maximise brake performance and safety.

Bendix and Knorr Bremse Brakes Improve Safety

Understanding Brake Performance

Brake performance is quantified by brake power, thermal capacity, consistency, and predictability. These factors collectively determine the effectiveness of a …

How Valvoline’s Lubricants Prolong Engine Life


Lubrication plays a pivotal role in preserving the health and longevity of a truck engine and is crucial to the correct operation of many truck and trailer parts, such as truck turntables and trailer couplings. As a trusted name in the industry, Valvoline has been delivering high-calibre lubricants that go beyond traditional expectations. In particular, Valvoline lubricants have markedly enhanced engine durability and performance by leveraging their blend of advanced technology and quality ingredients….

Understanding Diesel Aftertreatment Solutions: How to Meet EU Regulations

In truck and bus industries worldwide, the continuous effort to reduce the environmental impact of vehicles is of the utmost importance. This emphasis on environmental protection has resulted in stringent regulations for worldwide automotive emission standards—one prime example being the Euro 6 regulations by the European Union (EU).

Understanding Diesel Aftertreatment Solution

Diesel Aftertreatment Solution (ATS) is a technology engineered to treat diesel engine exhaust emissions before being released into the atmosphere. These technologies are intricately designed to reduce harmful emissions and to allow compliance with …

Revolutionising Truck Parts: The Benefits of Aftermarket Components

While some truck owners and operators routinely choose genuine parts, there are numerous reasons to choose high-quality aftermarket truck spares for your heavy vehicle. Typically more readily available and often cheaper, aftermarket truck parts offer an attractive alternative to genuine truck parts. While it’s also important to consider things like quality and performance – sometimes choosing aftermarket parts is the best choice.

The difference between genuine, OEM and aftermarket truck spare…

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