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Precision in Maintenance: Jaltest Diagnostics for Commercial Vehicles

Truck owners, operators and mechanical workshops all require diagnostic tools to work on modern vehicles. When it comes to heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, buses and trailers, the industry-leading diagnostics standard is Jaltest. Trusted by many thousands of commercial vehicle workshops worldwide, here’s why Jaltest offers superior diagnostics.

Jaltest Diagnostics for Commercial Vehicles

What is Jaltest?

Jaltest is the world’s leading multi-brand and multi-system diagnostics tool for commercial vehicles. Offering intuitive diagnostics, guided repairs, regular software updates and improved workshop productivity, Jaltest is now found in over 25,000 workshops worldwide.

Jaltest was developed to make diagnostics and repairs easier and more efficient (especially in large workshops), with a focus on commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, agricultural equipment, trailers and even marine vessels.

Which vehicles can you use Jaltest diagnostics on?

Jaltest Diagnostics can be used on most European, Japanese, Chinese and American commercial vehicles. It includes data for most makes and models, and with three software updates every year, new models are constantly being added. Whether you’re working with Volvo, Isuzu, Kenworth or any other major truck brand, Jaltest has comprehensive coverage.

Intuitive and easy to use

A key feature of Jaltest Diagnostics is its simplicity. Despite having coverage of the world’s major brands, models, and systems, Jaltest’s operation is still intuitive and easy. Users gain easy access to:

  • Connector information and locations
  • Detection of integrated systems
  • Diagnosis and recording of errors
  • System configuration information
  • Operational checks
  • Component Activation
  • Job records and vehicle history
  • Ability to measure up to 8 values at a time

This list isn’t exhaustive but demonstrates the wide range of diagnostic functionality that Jaltest offers for working on commercial vehicles. The self-guided system is extremely intuitive and highly customizable. The workshop management function also helps to manage work orders, repairs and customer data in an easy-to-use interface that enhances productivity.

Maintaining a better vehicle history

Whether you operate a workshop that services hundreds of vehicles or simply work on your own, Jaltest offers exceptional historical records. The system manages customer and vehicle data, providing clear and easy-to-read service logs, error history and more. This is beneficial when working on vehicles, but it’s also a valuable function for vehicle owners. With a comprehensive service history showing all errors and repairs, owners can improve their vehicle resale value.

Regular updates

Being a multi-brand and multi-system diagnostic tool, Jaltest already contains data on most commercial vehicle manufacturers. However, since new models are released regularly, Jaltest includes three annual software updates to ensure the most up-to-date data is available for all makes and models.

These updates are crucial for workshop managers, allowing them to stay up to date with modern systems and, importantly, provide their mechanical services to a wider range of customers. The updates also ensure that the Jaltest system stays up to date with all industry standards and protocols, such as RP1210 and Pass-Thru (SAE J2534).

So if you’re looking for the most comprehensive multi-brand and multi-system diagnostic tool on the market, Jaltest may be the right option for you. 

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