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Product Range Overview: Nakano Spring Co’s Comprehensive Offerings

Maintaining your truck suspension is crucial to maintaining a smooth ride; however, this is about more than driver comfort. Fitting high-quality leaf springs can improve fuel efficiency and reduce wear and tear on other parts of your vehicle, and this is particularly true for the parabolic leaf springs on your truck steer axle. By ensuring a balanced and well-designed suspension system, you will enhance your driving experience and improve the overall efficiency and longevity of your truck. 

Nakano Spring Company has been manufacturing quality aftermarket truck leaf springs for over a century and is known for its consistently high quality and wide range. In this article, we’ll look at what makes Nakano Spring such a trusted brand.

Who is Nakano Spring?

Nakano Spring has a long history of excellence in the field of truck suspension parts. The company first started in 1871, originally manufacturing leaf springs for rickshaws. By 1876, Nakano Spring opened a leaf spring factory in Tokyo, Japan and never looked back. For over 150 years, Nakano Spring has been manufacturing OEM truck suspension parts as well as suspension products for other types of transport vehicles, even rail carriages.

The brand is well-known as a manufacturer of high-quality truck parts, specialising in leaf springs, and its branded leaf springs have become widely trusted worldwiden. Known for its fast and reliable manufacturing processes, Nakano Springs manufactures a diverse range of suspension parts and components for coil, air, and leaf spring systems and has earned particular recognition for its Nakano branded leaf springs. These leaf springs are tailored to fit various trucks and trailers, with Nakano Springs even manufacturing parts and complete assemblies for discontinued models.

Multi-leaf spring (MLS)

A multi-leaf spring consists of several different lengths of steel leaves placed together in a stack, usually referred to as a truck spring pack.. Nakano optimises its multi-leaf springs by ensuring the thickness and length of each leaf are suited to each specific vehicle application. Often, the ends are tapered to achieve a greater level of energy absorption.

Long taper leaf spring

A slightly different design, a long taper leaf spring uses fewer leaves than a multi-leaf spring. Although still slightly tapered, each leaf extends almost as far as the next so that when load is applied, the spring pack reacts with a relatively constant distortion rate. Generally the leaves also have larger gaps  to reduce the risk of rust or corrosion.

A comprehensive product range

Nakano Spring’s motto is ‘small volume, wide selection, and quick delivery’. In practice, backed by a long history,Nakano offers a massive range of leaf springs and other suspension parts for trucks and trailers, including spring assemblies for discontinued truck models.

If you’re looking for single reinforcement leaf springs, Nakano manufactures these too. So, even if you just need to add an additional leaf to your existing assembly, Nakano can provide options.

Nakano manufactures a huge range of leaf springs for anything from Toyota Landcruisers to rail carriage springs and vibration isolating springs for high rise buildings. While these are impressive capabilities, it is Nakano’s huge range of truck leaf springs that has made them an industry leader. If you’re looking for Japanese truck suspension parts that will improve driver comfort and truck handling performance, consider Nakano Spring Co.

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