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Revolutionising Truck Parts: The Benefits of Aftermarket Components

While some truck owners and operators routinely choose genuine parts, there are numerous reasons to choose high-quality aftermarket truck spares for your heavy vehicle. Typically more readily available and often cheaper, aftermarket truck parts offer an attractive alternative to genuine truck parts. While it’s also important to consider things like quality and performance – sometimes choosing aftermarket parts is the best choice.

The difference between genuine, OEM and aftermarket truck spares

A genuine truck part is one that is delivered with the original vehicle manufacturer’s logo, for example Volvo truck parts. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are replacement parts made by the manufacturers of the genuine parts. OEM truck parts are also aftermarket truck parts but As such, they are generally considered to be exactly the same as the genuine parts.

Specialist parts manufacturers make aftermarket parts to original specifications for all truck makes and models and, in some cases, these parts are identical across multiple models, even multiple makes.

When aftermarket truck parts are made to the exact specifications of the genuine truck parts they will typically look, function, perform and last the same as the genuine parts. That said, some parts manufacturers are better than others, making it essential to deal only with reputable aftermarket truck parts suppliers.

The advantages of quality aftermarket truck parts

There is a misconception that aftermarket truck parts aren’t as good as genuine, but this is not always the case. Genuine parts can be superseded with better designs and in such cases, the aftermarket truck parts can be higher quality, better performing and longer lasting. When you find a reliable aftermarket truck parts supplier, there are plenty of reasons to consider them over genuine components.

Lower cost

Firstly, aftermarket truck parts cost less than genuine ones. Even OEM parts supplied through an independent truck parts channel will usually cost less than the equivalent genuine parts. Importantly, the fact that aftermarket parts are cheaper doesn’t indicate lower quality. Quite simply, there is a lot of competition in the aftermarket truck parts market, ultimately pushing prices lower. The vehicle manufacturers, on the other hand, have sole rights to the “genuine parts” label and are subject to less competition.

Aftermarket parts are readily available

Availability is a crucial factor when sourcing truck parts. In some cases, you may not have much of a choice. Truck breakdowns can occur anywhere, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be close to your regular mechanic or parts supplier when something goes wrong.

Genuine parts are usually only available through dealerships, making them harder to find in an emergency. If your driver breaks down, waiting for parts to be ordered isn’t an option. If you need spare truck parts in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia, you’ll likely find a reputable aftermarket parts supplier who can meet your needs quickly with quality products.

Improving on the original

Your choice of truck parts should never come down to price and availability alone. It’s important that the components you choose are of the highest quality.  In some cases, aftermarket parts even improve on the original. Aftermarket companies may introduce innovative features and improvements not found in the genuine parts.

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