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SACHS Clutches, Shock Absorbers and Dampers

SACHS is a German vehicle components manufacturer founded by Ernst Sachs in 1894. With more than a hundred years of experience in the industry, SACHS has established itself as a market leader in the manufacture of new and high-quality aftermarket parts for European trucks and Asian Japanese trucks. More than 10 million new vehicles are fitted with SACHS shock absorbers and dampers each year.

SACHS Clutches

A clutch is a mechanical device used in motorised machinery to engage and disengage power transmission. The clutch usually connects and disconnects a driving shaft to a driven shaft. With over 170 million truck clutches sold, SACHS is at the front of the line of quality in the truck clutch manufacturing industry.

SACHS specialises in the optimisation of clutch performance so that the vehicle manufacturers can focus their energy on other components of the truck. Moreover, SACHS clutches meet the highest industry and environmental standards. All facings are free from asbestos and lead and in full compliance with the European Union Regulation (REACH) Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.

Remanufactured Clutches

In addition to new clutches, SACHS is one of the leading producers of remanufactured clutches globally. The trucking industry benefits significantly from remanufactured SACHS clutches which meet the same standard and are afforded the same warranties as new clutches. Some advantages of SACHS remanufactured clutches include;

  • Stable Pricing: SACHS are able to keep the price of remanufactured clutches stable since they don’t need to use new high-priced raw materials.
  • Reduced Downtime: Remanufactured clutches have a quick turnaround because they do not require the massive fabrication operations involved when manufacturing new parts.
  • Eco-Friendly: By recycling used clutches, SACHS significantly reduces the carbon footprint of each component. The remanufacturing of each clutch uses about 10% of the energy and CO2 emitted when manufacturing new parts.


SACHS Shock Absorbers and Dampers

Shock absorbers, also referred to as dampers, are mechanical or hydraulic devices used in machinery to reduce the impact of shock impulses experienced by the mechanism. SACHS develops specialised shocks for heavy commercial vehicles and especially buses that have varying payloads and high comfort requirements irrespective of the road conditions.

SACHS CDC (Continuous Damping Control) for Trucks

The modern commercial truck is a versatile vehicle that is not limited to one type of terrain. Trucks today are required to have the capability of driving on and off road without stressing the driver. The conventional dampers are set to one characteristic damping curve that cannot be changed by the users. However, the SACHS CDC system can electronically adjust the damping force on all four wheels of the truck in real-time affording the driver more comfort, control and safety in any driving situation.

SACHS products are top of the line and recommended by leading truck manufacturers worldwide. The company adheres to strict performance and reliability standards and can assure its clients of the best quality products whether brand new, aftermarket or remanufactured.

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