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Safety First: Hino SmartSafe and the Future of Truck Safety

Japanese truck parts are renowned for innovation, reliability and safety features. Hino leads the way with standard safety features that many manufacturers only include as optional extras. The impressive suite of safety features in Hino trucks is known as Hino SmartSafe, and is now included as standard on most models.

Hino SmartSafe and the Future of Truck Safety

What is Hino SmartSafe?

Hino SmartSafe is a comprehensive suite of advanced driver-assist technologies focused on protecting drivers and other road users. While many of the features will be familiar to most truck drivers, what’s unique is that Hino includes SmartSafe as a standard feature on all of its trucks. Traditionally, driver-assist technologies such as this have only been included as an optional (and expensive) extra, or only included on high-end models.

SmartSafe includes targeted features such as a Pre-Collision System (PCS) including Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Pedestrian Detection (PD), Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), reverse camera and Hino’s new Driver Monitor system.

Pre-Collision System (PCS)

Hino’s PCS identifies the possibility of frontal collision, alerting the driver to take action. Failing driver response, automated brakes will take control to prevent the collision.

The addition of new technologies such as PCS is another reason you should always service and repair using high-quality Hino truck parts. Take particular care for Hino sensors, brake controls and brake pads or discs. 

Pedestrian Detection (PD)

Detecting the possibility of a frontal collision with another vehicle is important, but Hino’s pedestrian detection feature provides an additional layer of protection. This intelligent system can identify pedestrian movements in front of your vehicle, and when necessary, activate the automated braking system.

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

Hino has also decided to include Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) as a standard feature. VSC gives drivers some added security against sliding, skidding or rolling when turning too fast. The VSC works by regulating the Hino brake parts and modulating the Hino engine components and, under normal operation, drivers are unlikely to notice any difference in vehicle behaviour.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

Lane departure warning systems are designed to alert drivers if another vehicle is close by in the lanes next to them. This is a crucial safety feature as  Japanese truck mirrors don’t always completely remove all blind spots. When indicating to change lanes, an alert appears if there is another vehicle beside you, helping to avoid collisions. This isn’t new technology, but it’s nice to see it included as a standard on Hino truck models.

Driver monitor

Finally, the newest and most impressive part of Hino SmartSafe is their Driver Monitor. This advanced technology uses a small camera to monitor driver indicators such as eyelids, posture and face orientation. If loss of attention or drowsiness is detected, the Driver Monitor issues an audible and visual alert. This is a revolutionary technology that Hino hopes will improve road safety worldwide.

Remember,always use quality Hino parts sourced through reliable aftermarket truck parts outlets to maintain your safety systems and ensure they will operate as intended and when needed.

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