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SKF Wheel End for Trucks and Buses

The landscape and infrastructure network in Australia has supported the growth of the truck and bus industry. Long stretches between major cities and the efficient road system are excellent for long-hauliers.

The growth of the heavy vehicle industry has also increased the demand for efficient support systems and technologies. SKF is one of the leading companies that produce world-class aftermarket parts for European Trucks like DAF, IVECO, MAN and many more. This article sheds some light on the SKF Wheel End solutions for trucks and buses.

What is SKF?

SKF stands for the ‘Svenska Kullagerfabriken’ which can be translated as the Swedish Ball bearing Factory. The company began in 1907 when Swedish engineer, Sven Wingqvist designed and patented a new double-row self-aligning ball bearing system.

The new invention was successful at reducing mechanical failures associated with rigid ball bearings. From humble beginnings, SKF is now one of the largest bearing manufacturers in the world with more than 44,000 employees and distribution networks in over 130 countries.

SKF Wheel End Technology

Truck Wheel End systems use technologies designed to optimise the functions of a vehicles hub assembly. They consist of bearings, hubs, lubrication, seals and control mechanisms. The primary benefits of the SKF wheel end technologies are

  1. Keeping your vehicle stable on the road
  2. Minimising unnecessary and dangerous vibrations
  3. Reducing friction and carbon emissions
  4. Promoting fuel economy

The SKF Wheel End technology consists of the following three solutions that work together to improve your overall driving experience.

  • Truck Hub Units
  • Wheel End Monitors
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

i. SKF Truck Hub Units

A truck hub unit (THU) is an assembly of bearings designed to fit into your wheel hub. SKF offers an array of six different hub unit designs aimed at increasing your wheel end’s life span. They also reduce the maintenance complexity by using fewer components and a simpler housing. Although each of the six hub unit designs has unique applications, they are all easy to mount and offer you a range of cost benefits.

ii. Wheel End Monitors

The stability of your truck relies heavily on the integrity of your entire wheel end assembly. Any fault in the wheel end will result in vibrations and wobbling that can damage your axles. It is usually difficult to identify a fault in the wheel end until significant damage has occurred.

The SKF wheel end monitors can help with early detection of failures. They detect irregular vibrations and send you warning signals.

iii. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Tyres are among the fastest components of your truck to wear out. Any increase in the lifespan of your tyres can result in significant savings. Keeping your tyres in optimal condition can also reduce the risk of blowouts.

The SKF tyre pressure monitoring system is a wireless solution that relays tyre pressure and temperature data to the driver in real-time. This helps the driver to minimise unplanned stops and prevent unnecessary wear to key wheel-end components.

SKF’s wheel-end technologies work in synergy to provide you with a total solution for the health of your truck wheel assembly. Whether you are operating an 18 wheeler truck or a bus, the SKF solutions can save you time and money. SKF owes its success to the consistent production of revolutionary OE and aftermarket parts for European trucks.


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