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The Benefits of Using Aftermarket Parts for Scania Trucks

Transport companies require a particular focus on repairs and maintenance to keep their truck fleet operational. Aftermarket parts for trucks can provide many benefits to a fleet manager.

Read below to learn about the benefits of using aftermarket parts for Scania trucks.

Aftermarket Parts for Scania Trucks

What Are Aftermarket Truck Parts?

Aftermarket truck parts are an alternative to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) truck parts. OEM parts are designed and manufactured at the time a truck model is put into production. If you were purchasing original Scania truck parts, they may not be manufactured by Scania but they will be sold in a Scania parts box.

Aftermarket truck parts may be manufactured by the same or a different manufacturer, either using specifications provided by the original manufacturer or with some alternative technologies. You can access OEM Scania truck parts through authorised Scania dealerships and a wide range of aftermarket Scania parts through large and professional aftermarket channels.

Benefits of Using Aftermarket Parts for Scania Trucks

Below are the benefits of opting for Scania aftermarket parts for repairing and maintaining your Scania trucks.


When aftermarket parts manufacturers produce parts for your trucks, they often improve the designs. These improvements and modifications can improve your truck parts‘ performance, longevity, and function.


When you opt for aftermarket parts, you gain the assurance of fast delivery. OEM parts can be challenging to obtain, and delivery can take longer. With aftermarket truck parts, the major distributors are service focused and generally provide high standards of product availability.

Scania’s factories are in Europe, South America, and Central Asia and OEM parts are moved from these factories to global distribution centres,- which complicates parts distribution. A local independent distributor of Scania spare parts may be more focused on your local requirements and perhaps be more flexible on service requirements.

High Quality

When looking for parts for your Scania trucks, remember that aftermarket parts can offer the same quality standard as OEM parts. If you choose a well-established aftermarket Scania parts distribution channel, you should see a consistent, high-quality standard that allows your truck to operate seamlessly. Since aftermarket manufacturers sometimes modify and improve parts after examining service records for new truck models, these parts can be considered superior to the OEM truck parts.

Low Cost

The aftermarket truck parts industry is highly competitive. Each manufacturer and distribution channel must offer lower costs to win market share. Opting for aftermarket truck parts gives you access to more competitive pricing without necessarily sacrificing quality.

Wider Variety

There is a wider variety of options with aftermarket Scania spare parts. You can access a variety of modified products, which you would not be able to access with OEM parts, including for:


You need access to spare parts when maintaining and repairing your Scania trucks. Opting for aftermarket products may make your Scania parts more accessible and cost-effective, without sacrificing quality. Modifications and improvements can also make aftermarket products higher quality and longer lasting.

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