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The Power and Performance of 16-Litre Volvo Trucks

Long-haul drivers and transport operators in Australia and New Zealand often focus on two main factors when adding assets to their truck fleet. Power and comfort can drastically change the driver’s experience on a long-haul trip, making these factors a major consideration. This article will examine Volvo’s 16-litre truck range and discuss how these high-powered vehicles combine comfort and power with strong aftermarket distribution of Volvo truck parts.

Power is crucial because drivers need confidence that their vehicle can safely, legally and comfortably pull their loads. More power means an easier and potentially faster trip, especially on Australian and New Zealand up-and-down highways.

For drivers, comfort is a huge consideration due to the time they spend in the cab. The space should be easy to keep organised, with plenty of storage and room to feel comfortable. From the availability of aftermarket parts for European trucks to customisation options, let’s look at why Volvo’s 16-litre trucks are some of the most successful models, particularly for long haul of heavy loads in Australia.

The Volvo FH16

Volvo’s FH range first hit the market in 1993 and has become one of the brand’s most successful commercial vehicles. In this article, we’ll be looking at the FH16, Volvo’s powerful 16-litre model. Power is at the forefront of this vehicle’s design, particularly with the inclusion of the D16 engine. The engine offers up to 650 hp for Euro 6 emissions standards or 700 hp for Euro 5 emissions standards and delivers a whopping 3150 Nm of torque for both emissions levels. The D16 engine is also extremely efficient, helping you get more from your fuel.

A powerful engine isn’t everything, though. The Volvo FH16 also comes with significant other benefits.

Volvo FH16 comfort

Long-haul drivers know exactly how important comfort is on a long trip. Volvo has thought of this, making the FH16 cab a place where you can truly be comfortable. The sleeper, for example, comes with an air-pocket spring or foam mattress for premium comfort. You can even adjust the bed level if you’re parked on a slope.

You can also store a decent supply of food and drinks, with a refrigerator available either under the bed or on the upper rear shelf. Overall, the cab offers plenty of space to be comfortable while on a long trip.

Innovative fuel-saving features

The Volvo FH16 is designed to save you money. Volvo’s I-Shift technology now includes a dual-clutch version, being the first of its kind. This comes with excellent fuel-saving software to help drive your fuel dollar further. Part of the I-Switch technology is the revolutionary I-See cruise control. In simple terms, I See is a cruise control system that plans ahead, saving you money from the first drive.

These features, along with countless advancements in the powertrain, help save fuel, which is a huge bonus for drivers at the mercy of higher fuel pump prices.

Other 16-litre alternatives

In addition to the FH16, fleet managers and drivers may also consider the Volvo FM series. While Volvo stopped adding the engine size to the factory model, most dealers allow you to customise a 16-lire version of the Volvo FM.

There are very few differences, but the FM is a medium-height cab. This lower cab position makes it a little easier to climb in and out, so it can be appealing for drivers who are in and out of the vehicle regularly. The similarities between the two models make it much easier to find quality aftermarket parts for Volvo trucks. They share most components, which is a huge win for truck owners and operators who want quick repairs and Volvo truck parts at competitive prices.

Both the Volvo FH16 and FM16  are powerful, comfortable, and designed tough for long-haul conditions, making them a welcome addition to any long haul or heavy duty truck fleets.

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