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Truck Make Spotlight: Isuzu

Truck Make Spotlight: Isuzu – Multispares

Isuzu might be a globally known name in the trucking industry, but they’re also the highest-selling truck brand in Australia. This is largely due to their extensive range of trucks available in this country, with many operators overseas wishing they had the Isuzu options we’re blessed with in Australia.

But what makes Isuzu so great? Certainly, a wide range of models is a big part of it. But with a large model range also comes a large availability of aftermarket parts for Isuzu trucks. Overall, operators can find an Isuzu truck for almost any application, which enhances the brand’s popularity.

Isuzu history

Isuzu Motors has a long history that dates back to 1916, with the brand’s first foray into the truck market coming in the early 1920s. Interestingly, the tragedy of the Kanto earthquake in 1923 led to the brand stepping up its truck production. Other brands of trucks were imported from overseas to assist with the clean-up, but Isuzu also began producing locally manufactured trucks.

Fast forward to today, and Isuzu has dropped standard passenger vehicles like sedans from their range altogether, focusing on trucks and light-vehicle utes. Now, the brand is known as a global leader in truck and bus production, with a presence all over the world.

Isuzu trucks in Australia and New Zealand

Fortunately for owners and operators of medium and heavy vehicles in Australia and New Zealand, Isuzu has a very strong presence. In fact, a quarter of all trucks sold in Australia are Isuzu, and they’ve been leaders in the local market since 1989. With a huge dealer network of over 70 sites across the country, Isuzu not only boasts the most popular trucks but the easiest way to get the service you need.

In addition, the availability of high-quality parts for Isuzu trucks is a big reason for the brand’s popularity. Since they use so many highly regarded brands for components, it’s easy to get OEM parts for an Isuzu truck in Australia and New Zealand. They may be the oldest continuous manufacturer of vehicles in the world, but for us, it’s the quality they offer today that counts.

The Isuzu truck range

The versatility of Isuzu’s truck range is a big drawcard for the brand. Trucks can be used for a wide variety of applications, including freight and distribution, service vehicles, tippers, agitators and other special purposes. Being able to customise Isuzu trucks for different needs is a big reason the brand enjoys so much success in Australia.

From trades and site servicing to freight and van conversions, the Isuzu truck range ticks a lot of boxes across a number of industries. The Ready To Work range is an innovation from Isuzu, providing ready-made trucks for certain applications. Let’s take a look at the Isuzu range and how they can be used.


The N-Series is known as one of the most versatile models in the Isuzu truck range. The newer models are absolutely packed with features for an improved ride and additional safety. You can also find N-Series vehicles with a GVM range of 4500kg – 8700kg, and in a selection of transmissions such as 5-speed manual and ATM or 6-speed manual and ATM.

The great thing about the N-Series is the customisation that’s available. Essentially, you can have one built to suit any application. Choose the cabin type, wheelbase, transmission and engine to best suit your needs. Built with quality components that we’ll touch on later, it’s also easy to find aftermarket parts for N-Series Isuzu.

Ready-to-Work options include: Servicepack, Tipper, Tradepack, Traypack and Vanpack.


The F-series is Isuzu’s medium-duty truck option. Again, it’s versatile, allowing owners to choose from 4 or 6-cylinder engines, transmissions, suspension types and wheelbase options. With a GVM range of 11,000kg – 24.000kg, there is plenty of scope for customisation. 9-speed manual and 6-speed automatic options are also available.

Many people love the fact that the F-Series gives them plenty of power, but in a more compact vehicle. While the F-Series has fewer specialist applications than the smaller N-Series, it can still be configured in several different ways, making it a terrific medium-duty vehicle option.

As with the N-Series, it is easy to find parts for F-Series Isuzu.

Ready-to-Work options include: Tipper, Freightpack.


The FX-Series offers 8 different models in total, with customisation options galore. 4×2, 6×2, and 6×4 are popular options, and you can choose from a wide range of suspension types, wheelbases, transmissions and axles. This is the next step up from the F-Series, being a medium heavy-duty truck for multiple applications. It also features a GVM range of 16,500kg – 24,000kg.

Parts are easily available for the FX-Series, and considering the number of customisation options available, you can always ensure your Isuzu FX-Series is in good working order. Like all Isuzu trucks, it’s also packed with safety features and high-quality, high-performing components.


The FY-Series is another step up in size, boasting a GVM range of 30,000kg – 35,000kg. It’s a much bigger vehicle and can be used for all sorts of applications. The FY-Series comes with a second steer axle and is available in 8×4 and 10×4 configurations. Depending on the type of body you choose, you can get this beast in a 9-speed manual or 6-speed automatic.

It’s also an extremely versatile truck and can be used as a crane truck, agitator, tipper and much more. The durability and quality Isuzu truck parts we’ve come to expect are all present, so maintenance won’t be a problem either.

Availability of approved parts

When purchasing trucks, it isn’t just power, durability, performance and looks that you have to consider. Ongoing maintenance is just part of being a truck owner, but you don’t want it to turn into a hassle. Fortunately, Isuzu partners with plenty of great brands for its parts and components. Some of these include:

· Fleetguard

· ZF

· Meritor

· Isri

· Century

· Hendrickson

· Plus, many more These OEM parts are available through Isuzu and reputable aftermarket channels. So, when it comes time for repairs or replacing old parts, you won’t have any trouble. Quality aftermarket parts for Isuzu trucks can be found easily and installed by your trusted mechanic.

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