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Truck Make Spotlight: Mack

Mack is a name that’s become synonymous with heavy-duty vehicles over the years. So much so, in fact, it’s common to hear Mack Trucks being referred to colloquially in conversation. It is a testament to how well known the Mack name is, namely for its strength and durability.

Truck Make Spotlight Mack

Mack has been manufacturing vehicles in Australia since 1963 and has consistently been one of the largest heavy-duty vehicle suppliers in the country. Let’s take a look at what makes Mack Trucks so great.

Mack history

The Mack brand has its origins in Brooklyn, New York, where brothers Jack and Gus Mack built their first motorised vehicle in 1900. This initial vehicle was actually a bus, leading to the slogan, “The first Mack was a bus, and the first bus was a Mack.”

By 1917, they had produced a vehicle that became known as the Bulldog. During World War 1, a Mack AC model was used by the British armed forces to supply troops and supplies to the front lines. From there, the brand has always been recognised for producing tough, durable vehicles that can handle harsh conditions.

In 1963, Mack Trucks Australia was founded, and the assembly of Mack vehicles began in Brisbane. From there, it has continued to grow, with Mack Trucks maintaining a presence in Australia today, manufacturing vehicles locally for local conditions.

Mack is now owned by the Volvo Group, meaning that many Volvo truck parts are also original Mack truck parts, making it even easier for owners and workshops to source and control the right quality aftermarket parts for their truck fleet.

Mack Trucks in Australia

The Mack name has been associated with Australia since 1919, when the Mack AC model (termed ‘the Bulldog’ by British troops) arrived in Australia as a mining support vehicle. However, it was in 1963 that Mack Australia was formally established and started manufacturing trucks on Australian soil.

It was quickly realised that Australian conditions were different from other parts of the world. The terrain is unforgiving, therefore demanding that trucks be adapted to suit the specific conditions. The vehicle assembly facility, now based in Wacol, Queensland, employs around 450 people directly. Eighty-five local suppliers deliver more than 3,500 different components to the Wacol factory, with many of those being made here in Australia.

Australian Mack owners benefit from over 77 authorised service agents around the country, and the brand is continually investing money into Australian operations.

Availability of approved parts

The great thing about Mack trucks is the availability of approved Mack parts. Depending on the make and model, you may find that aftermarket parts for Volvo trucks are interchangeable in Mack trucks. New Breed Mack trucks are known for using a mixture of Mack parts, Volvo truck parts and other common parts for American trucks, such as Hendrickson suspensions, Continental air springs, Timken bearings and Dana driveline components.

It’s safe to say that if you’ve chosen a Mack Truck in Australia, you won’t have any trouble finding quality aftermarket parts and spares when you need them.

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