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Truck Spotlight: Fuso

Australia and New Zealand have long been strong markets for all four Japanese truck brands; Hino, Isuzu, Fuso and UD. This spotlight is focusing on Fuso and Fuso truck parts.

Who is Fuso?

Fuso is a popular truck brand, especially in the light and medium duty truck segments. Fuso falls under the banner of the Daimler Truck Group, which also incorporates Freightliner and Mercedes-Benz trucks. Fuso was once known as Mitsubishi, and in fact, Fuso vehicles are still manufactured by the Mitsubishi Bus and Truck Corporation in Japan.

Importantly, Fuso has had a presence in Australia in New Zealand for over 40 years, and has become one of the most trusted truck manufacturers in this part of the world. With over 90 models in the Fuso range, there’s a wide choice for operators. But most importantly, because Fuso is so popular here, there is an abundance of service support. That also means you have no problem finding aftermarket parts for Fuso trucks.

Popular Fuso truck models

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Fuso models.


The Canter range from Fuso includes a selection of 4×2 light commercial trucks that can be driven on a standard car licence. As such, these vehicles are often considered the logical step up for people with utes who simply need more load capacity. With GCM ranging from 7,000kg to 11,700kg, the Canter gives great performance and strength, and is offered in various cab configurations to suit your needs.


Fuso’s medium-duty truck range is known as the Fighter series. As you would expect, this range is a step up from the Canter series in many ways. The Fighter GCM ranges from 16,000kg to 32,000kg, which dwarfs the smaller Canter models. There’s a wide range of Fighter models, from the ultra-powerful Fighter FK 1227 Euro 6 to the 1124 Tipper. In fact, a few of the Fighter series trucks are available in tipper configuration.


Take another step up with the Shogun series, which is Fuso’s heavy-duty truck range. When you need to carry big loads, the Shogun series has you covered. GCM ranges from 25,000kg on the short-haul models to 63,000kg on the larger models. Interestingly, the Shogun 510 6×4 prime mover model is Australia’s most powerful Japanese truck, clocking up 2500Nm of torque. Many of the Shogun models are also available for tipper and dog applications.

Built Ready

Fuso’s Built Ready range offers the perfect solution for specific applications. For example, you can get a Fuso Canter with the tray already configured to your needs. It might be a more traditional ute-style tray, or a Pantech that’s suitable for deliveries. Basically, the Built Ready range allows you to have a Fuso built to your exact specifications, ensuring it is ready to go to work when delivered. The main idea for this range is to have common customisation needs met during initial production, so the trucks are built ready and customers enjoy shorter wait times for delivery.

The Fuso brand is huge in Australia in New Zealand, with it and other Japanese truck brands extremely well suited (and priced) for local markets. High-quality aftermarket parts for Fuso trucks are readily available through multiple channels, making Fuso a reliable investment choice for your business.

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