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Understanding Norman G Clark Cooling Systems

An engine’s cooling system plays many key roles in the efficient function of heavy vehicles. It helps to improve fuel economy, increases horsepower, improves driver comfort, reduces emissions and, most importantly, allows for greater vehicle uptime. When you’re looking for quality cooling system components such as fans, fan clutches and fan clutch repair kits, the name used in most American truck engines is Horton.

Understanding Norman G Clark Cooling Systems

In Australia, Horton fans and fan clutches are manufactured by Norman G Clark, a company based in Melbourne. So, let’s look at why Horton fans and fan clutches are so important.

The cooling system

Your truck’s engine cooling system is made up of a few crucial elements, including

·        Radiator

·        Water pump

·        Coolant overflow tank

·        Thermostat

·        Fan clutch (also known as fan drive)

·        Fan

Horton manufactures the fan and the fan clutch. Essentially the fan clutch controls how fast the fan spins based on the cooling needs of the engine. So, when it’s running hot, the fan clutch will make the fan spin faster. The fan essentially controls airflow to the engine, so when this function works well, cooling airflows are optimised.

By improving the efficiency of the cooling process, more energy is directed to power the rest of the vehicle.

Norman G Clark – The Brand

While we focus here on Horton heavy-duty engine cooling solutions, the brand that manufactures them in Australia is Norman G Clark.

The Norman G Clark brand was established back in 1919 in Melbourne by Norman Clark, who was essentially an importer at the time. Norman Clark passed away in 1951, but his company has continued to grow, even moving into the manufacture of textile machinery.

By 1960, the brand acquired a license from Minneapolis-based company Horton, which produced Air Champ clutches in brakes. In 1976, they began manufacturing Horton Fan Clutches in addition to the Air Champ range. The company is still owned and operated in Australia, employing 26 people, with Horton Fan Clutches still being the largest volume product it manufactures.

Horton – The Brand

Founded in 1951 in Minneapolis, USA, Horton is a leading manufacturer of OEM products for engine cooling systems. In the beginning, the brand’s focus was on industrial clutches, but they quickly transferred this expertise into the cooling fans for trucks.

Horton fan drives really put the company on the map in the 1970s, showing truck manufacturers they could improve fuel efficiency. By the 1980s, Horton fan drives were considered standard equipment amongst most of the American truck manufacturers.

Today, Horton continues to pioneer new and improved technology and has independently licensed manufacturers in Australia, Europe, Asia and Mexico.

Look to Horton fan products, locally manufactured by Norman G Clark, for an efficient and trusted aftermarket part that will maintain the efficiency of your truck.

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