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Upgrading to Hendrickson Air Suspensions

There is plenty of truck suspension technology on the market, but perhaps the most impressive and sought-after is air suspension. Compared to traditional leaf spring suspension, air spring technology provides better efficiency, a smoother ride, more driver comfort and increased load versatility.


Hendrickson has a long history in the truck components industry, and their main product line is air suspension for trucks and trailers. If you’re looking to upgrade your truck suspension with original equipment truck parts or aftermarket truck parts, it’s well worth your time to look into Hendrickson’s air suspension options.

Who is Hendrickson?

The Hendrickson Motor Truck Company started back in 1913, and by 1926 the company had produced the first tandem truck suspension. Pioneering the ‘walking beam’ suspension that spread a truck’s load evenly between two axles, the company has been innovating ever since. Hendrickson expanded into several other related areas of business such as trailer suspension, auxiliary axle systems and other heavy-duty components. However, they ultimately sold many of their manufacturing operations to deal solely in suspension systems and related parts.

Today, Hendrickson has research and development centres all over the world, including Australia and New Zealand, so they have a good insight into conditions faced by drivers on Australian roads.

A massive range of purpose-built suspensions

Hendrickson makes and supplies a huge range of different suspension systems for trucks, including:

· Airtek: Integrated front air suspension & steer axle

· HAS Series: Rear air suspension system

· Haulmaax: Heavy-duty rubber suspension

· Primaax Ex: Heavy-duty rear air suspension

· Ultimaax: Advanced severe-duty rubber suspension

· HA4 – HA8 Series: Four and 8 air spring suspension systems

· HN Series: VariRate Spring System

· Parasteer: Front steer suspension

· Parasteer HD: Vocational front air suspension

· R Series: Heavy-duty solid mount suspension

· RS Series: Rubber walking beam suspensions

· RT/RTE Series: Steel leaf spring suspensions

Each type of suspension is different and therefore suited to different types of vehicles and applications. However, the incredible range does give truck owners and fleet managers a lot of flexibility to choose the suspension system that’s right for them.

Trailer suspensions

Hendrickson is a global leader in trailer air suspension systems, and are well known for their:

Intraax air suspension designed for top mount, low-ride and extreme duty applications, and

HT Series air suspension designed for top mount and underslung applications.

Lift axle options are available on both the Intraax and HT Series.

Bus suspensions

In addition to their extensive range of truck and trailer suspensions on offer, Hendrickson also specialises in bus suspension systems. The company offers two specific suspension types for buses.

· Comfort Air: Single axle rear suspension

· Parasteer: Front Steer suspension

Uniquely, these systems are also suitable for service vehicles such as ambulances, as they’re engineered to provide a superior ride and handling to maximise passenger (or patient) comfort.

The importance of quality truck and bus suspension

When choosing suspension systems for your truck, trailer or bus fleet, there are many things to consider. Cost inevitably comes into it, but overall, the choice should be made on quality and durability above all else.

Hendrickson suspension systems, particularly the air suspension models, are at the leading edge of innovation and technology. Some of the many benefits include:

· Driver comfort: Drivers have more control over whether they have a softer ride for cruising or a harder ride for better handling. Overall, noise, vibration and bumps are reduced, leading to improved comfort and less driver fatigue.

· Less wear and tear: When vibrations are reduced, this also reduces the wear and tear on all of your other truck components. You can even prolong tyre life with a suspension system that can lift axles when not needed.

· Load versatility: Air suspension automatically levels the suspension even if loads aren’t distributed evenly. This improves braking and is also better for fragile loads.

Overall, Hendrickson is a great choice for trucks and buses, and there is a suspension system that’s suited to almost all vehicles.

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