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V.Orlandi Trailer components for Commercial Vehicles

Driving trailers across the Australian outback takes an immense amount of skills. The varied terrain and extreme weather conditions can be challenging to navigate. This is especially true for trailers with complex configurations such as A and B type prime movers.

Trailer components

Apart from skilled drivers, commercial vehicle companies need reliable aftermarket parts for trucks and trailers. To deliver their cargo safely, the trailers need to offer stability in all driving conditions.

V. Orlandi is one of the most reliable suppliers of trailer components in the Pacific region. Read on if you would like to know more about the company and its solutions for trailers.

Brief History of V. Orlandi

The history of V. Orlandi dates back to 1859 when Enrico and Giovanni Orlandi formed the company. The company’s initial products were carts, carriages and wagon equipment. Enrico’s sons, Angelo and Vincenzo, took over the company in 1911.

The brothers went on to establish two Orlandi spin-offs in 1922. Angelo’s company was known as “Carrozzeria A. Orlandi”. Vincenzo formed a company called the “Factory Trailers Vincenzo Orlandi”. Vincenzo’s company began developing trailer solutions for transporting coal, gravel and large blocks. He also developed special vehicles for firefighters and waste disposal.

In the 1970s, Vincenzo’s company narrowed its focus to the development of towing systems. The company’s strategy was to produce components for the trailer manufacturers that were emerging across Europe. These included IVECO, Mercedes, Volvo, MAN and others.

In 1992, the company’s name was officially changed to V. Orlandi Towing Systems. Today, V.Orlandi is part of the SAF-Holland Group of companies. It is a leading producer of towing systems for 3.5 ton to over 500-ton trailers all over the world.

V. Orlandi Towing Systems

Towing systems enable operators to connect trailers to trucks. They need to be robust and durable yet adaptable to varied conditions. Truck manufacturers worldwide rely on V. Orlandi components to ensure the safety and longevity of their trailers. Below are a few of the company’s most popular components.

  • Coupling Products
  • Kingpins
  • Fifth Wheel
  • Ballrace Assembly Components

Trailer Coupling Products

Coupling products are robust components installed on the front or tail of a trailer. They are used as connection points with the truck or other trailers. Depending on the type of coupling system, the components can have a bolt-on, weld-on, rigid or swivel mounts. They can also come with or without cushioning.

V. Orlandi manufactures a wide variety of coupling products. These include drawbars and eyes, pintle hooks, pin, ball hitch and special purpose couplings. These products are available in a range of sizes to suit their designation.

They uses high-quality alloy steel when forging its coupling products. The couplings are designed to suit various applications from medium-duty to heavy-duty and military applications.

Fifth Wheel Coupling

The fifth wheel in a trailer configuration is not an actual wheel. It is an axle system used to connect a trailer to a truck or tractor. It pivots the trailer’s front axle allowing it to turn horizontally. Also, fifth wheels are not completely circular.

V. Orlandi fifth wheels can be made from a variety of materials. These range from aluminium alloys to cast steel depending on the application. Other components of the fifth wheel systems include

  • Sliders
  • Mounting plates
  • Safety sensors
  • Compensators

In 2013, V. Orlandi Australia PTY was formed in Melbourne to support the Australian trailer industry. This improved access to aftermarket products for the Pacific region. It also enabled the company to research and develop unique products for the extreme conditions down under.

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