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WABCO Australia 2018 training dates

WABCO Australia is pleased to announce their training dates for 2018. The training offered by WABCO will continue with the same support and service that WABCO offers all its customers through the WABCO Academy Programme.

For the last seven years, WABCO has run an extremely successful training course. This two-day course focuses on Trailer ABS and EBS with the course continuing to go from strength to strength. Since the WABCO course has been available in Australia over 1000 people have been taught and trained in the courses offered. The courses offered include SYSTEM INSIGHT AND TAILORED CONTENT. In addition to learning about the Trailer ABS and EBS systems, the two-day Trailer ABS and EBS course allows those attending to bring their own laptops with them to ensure everything is set up correctly.

In 2018 WABCO has taken the opportunity to create two new courses to suit customer needs. The first of these new courses is the TRAILER EBS E (TEBS E) PIN 2 course. This course runs for just one day and focuses on the standard features the TEBS E delivers and the fit-up rules that are to be followed. This course will give those who pass a PIN2 upon successful completion.

The second course that has been created is the Trailer EBS E (TEBS E) fleet training course that also runs for just one day but focuses on the standard features that TEBS E delivers along with how to use the WABCO System Diagnostics for fault finding. This course has been designed specifically to streamline and improve how the WABCO System Diagnostic is used, by minimising the features that it offers. As with the 2-day course, attendees are invited to bring their laptops with them so we can assure they are set up correctly.

Still available on request is the WABCO Australia 3-day training course which is both successful and informative and covers a basic overview concerning installation, diagnosis and maintenance of truck/bus and trailer anti-lock braking systems (ABS) electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS) and electronic braking systems (EBS).

These courses follow the basic air brake course that walks attendees through who WABCO is, and the conventional products that are found in a basic air brake system.

All courses are held in the purpose-built training room at WABCO headquarters, but sessions can also be held off-site depending on the location, number of attendees and the facilities available.

  • The Trailer ABS and EBS 2-day course starts at 9 am and finishes around 15:00 to 15:30.
  • The trailer EBS E PIN 2 and Trailer EBS E Fleet training courses both starts at 8 am with a finish around 15:30.
  • Dress code is casual no PPE is required, lunch and training materials are provided.
  • The three-day training course requires a minimum booking of 4 attendees to run.

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