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WABCO Brake and Stability Control for Truck and Bus

The success of innovation in the heavy vehicle industry is determined by how they improve the vehicles safety and fuel efficiency. These two pillars of the truck and bus industry are vital for profitability and the quality of service delivery.

WABCO is well known for producing robust OEM and aftermarket parts for European trucks. For more than a century, WABCO’s innovations have enabled truck manufacturers to improve their heavy vehicle designs continuously. WABCO’s products have facilitated the development of faster, safer and more economic trucks and buses for decades.


Origins of WABCO

WABCO’s dedication to the improvement of safety in the transport industry is deeply rooted in the company’s DNA. WABCO was established in 1869 after its founder, George Westinghouse, invented an innovative Air Brake system for trains. The invention was so well received that it warranted the formation of the Westinghouse Air Brake Company (WABCO).

Westinghouse continued to invent new solutions for the rail industry and expanded his interests to include commercial vehicles. His inventions were so revolutionary that WABCO quickly became a leading brand recognized for raising transport safety standards in North America and Europe. Some of WABCO’s most famous early inventions include the first anti-locking brake system (ABS) and the first automated manual transmission (AMT).

WABCO is one of the very few American companies to take a leading position in the truck, bus and trailer markets of Europe and Japan. By continuously inventing and improving new solutions, WABCO’s solutions are now used by all the leading heavy vehicle manufacturing brands.


Below are three of WABCO’s latest solutions in the brake and stability control sector.



In 2014, WABCO developed the world’s first Modular Braking System Platform (mBSP). This solution was designed to simplify the deployment of Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS) and Electronic Brake Systems (EBS) for truck and bus manufacturers globally.

Using highly standardized software, WABCO’s platform enables manufacturers to bring new vehicles to market faster. It reduces the time and resources each manufacturer spends developing, installing and testing systems for each vehicle brand and model anywhere in the world.



WABCO’s Electronic Stability Control smart (ESCsmart) technology significantly reduces the risk of a truck skidding or rolling over. Truck drivers are trained to maintain the highest standards of safe driving. This is because heavy vehicles can cause fatalities and significant damage to property if they lose control. Yet, it is not possible to avoid all high-risk situations when driving.

The ESCsmart technology was developed to help drivers keep their vehicles stable during unavoidable critical maneuvers. Through an intricate network of sensors, the ESCsmart detects when the vehicle is unstable. It then automatically intervenes by manipulating the vehicle’s control and stability systems. This system also improves logistical economics and reduces vehicle downtime as well as repair and maintenance costs.



The WABCO OnHand system is an electro-pneumatic parking brake system designed to be operated via a dashboard switch. This system is one of several solutions geared to enhance a range of automated driving solutions.

This system features safer truck and trailer parking options and advanced hill start assistance. It can also easily be customized to meet varying customer preferences. More importantly, it can provide back-up braking if the electrical service brake fails.


For decades WABCO has been providing revolutionary OEM and aftermarket parts for European trucks like DAF, IVECO, MAN and Volvo and as ADR approved brake kits for use in trailers running equipment from all leading suppliers, including SAF, BPW, Hendrickson, York and ROR.. WABCO is dedicated to developing and distributing revolutionary solutions ahead of the heavy vehicle industry’s expectations.

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