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WABCO Foundation Brake Options

Aside from ignition, brakes are arguably one of the most crucial truck parts. Heavy vehicles need high-quality brakes because non-compliant brake parts can fail or underperform resulting in serious harm.

However, you don’t have to sell your kidney to acquire quality brake parts. If you find the right aftermarket parts, you can still get original quality components approved by original manufacturers, but at a price that fits your pocket. WABCO is one such supplier, and their parts are trusted by top vehicle manufacturers around the world.

WABCO designs and manufactures entire brake systems for heavy vehicles. Let’s take a brief look at a few of their currently available brake components.

MAXX 17 Air Disc Brake

These single-piston brakes are designed to work with 17.5-inch wheels, and their mechanical efficiency is over 95%. Their wear sensor technology is compatible with multiple wheel brands, so they’re easily interchangeable. They are plug-and-play, so they’re easy to install and apply.

MAXX 19 Air Disc Brake

This braking system is designed for trailers, buses, and medium-duty trucks. It has been proven to give 14% better performance than other brakes in the same class. In addition to its single-piston reinforced brake, Wabco has introduced a monobloc calliper. This air disc brake offers the maximum braking performance of 20,000 Nm / 14,700 ft lbs and the clamping unit has double sealing for extra protection.

MAXX 22 Air Disc Brake

Among single-piston air disc braking systems, this one is considered the lightest in weight. However, it still can work on heavy-duty trucks. Its braking distance is superior to drum brakes, topping at 30,000 Nm / 22,000 ft lbs, and it’s equally useful for off-highway driving. Like other disc brakes in this series, its wear technology is exchangeable and functions on a plug-and-play basis.

MAXX 22L Heavy Duty Air Disc Brake

The 22L focuses on the rear axle, which requires less torque. The reduction in torque enables it to function effectively despite being 7% lighter than the MAXX 22 – the difference here is that the 22 is a front brake and a 22L is a back brake. The brake performance of the 22L is 25,000 Nm / 18,500 ft lbs.

MAXX 22T Air Disc Brake

This braking system is deliberately light – about 4 kilos lighter than previous brakes. It’s explicitly designed for trailers, and that seemingly small weight difference allows the trailer to carry 24kg of additional cargo. The 22T can support an axle of up to 10 tonnes and performs at 21,000 Nm / 15,400 ft lbs.


This particular braking system is tailored for the American truck market. It compares favourably against drum brakes because it’s stopping distance is 10% shorter and repairs are faster. In the time it takes to change one drum lining, you can swap out 4 MAXXUS brake pads. Drivers love it because it feels like the brakes in a regular saloon car, and it offers better compliance because the out-of-brake problems have been eliminated. MAXXUS can run twice as long as drum brakes before they need servicing, and there’s barely any pulling or fading.

Regardless of your truck brand or braking needs, WABCO is sure to have something that works for you.

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