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Why Choose Garrett Turbochargers?

If you operate a Japanese truck, or indeed a fleet of Japanese trucks, you already know about their longevity and durability in tough conditions. You also probably want turbochargers that can deliver a stronger boost without significant energy loss. These days operators are also looking for more environmentally-friendly ways to do business, and that means reducing CO2 emissions. Garrett’s latest turbochargers feature advanced technology to keep emissions down and power up.

Who is Garrett?

Garrett is a global leader in the automotive industry, most notably due to its innovation and advanced technology turbochargers. Originating in the US, Garrett started operations in Los Angeles under the name of Aircraft Tool and Supply Company back in 1936. However, it wasn’t until 1962 that Garrett’s technology helped to create the world’s first turbocharged production car.

From there, the company has expanded considerably to become the world’s leading OEM supplier of truck turbochargers, including most of the Isuzu, Hino and Fuso turbochargers and many European truck turbos. Needless to say, if you want replacement turbochargers or parts for Japanese or European trucks, you’ll more than likely come across the Garrett name.

Why choose Garrett turbochargers?

Garrett turbochargers are all about innovation and performance. From reducing CO2 emissions to providing a longer working life, the Garrett name has become synonymous with quality truck turbochargers.

Of particular note are the DAVNT (Double-Axle VNT) turbochargers that use variable geometry technology to provide greater fuel efficiency, fewer emissions and enhanced braking capabilities.

There are also the Garrett Wastegate and free-floating turbochargers that are specifically designed for engines ranging from 64L to 110L. So, for on or off-highway applications, they have the technology for every new truck model.

Taking a step into the future, Garrett is also working hard to develop turbo solutions for a range of hybrid and electric vehicles. Although these may not be relevant to current truck owners, it highlights the brand’s commitment to evolution. They also offer solutions for hydrogen internal combustion engines for those aiming for a zero-emissions operation.

Replacing a Garrett turbocharger

Fortunately, Garrett turbochargers are known for their high performance and long working life. However, like all truck components, they will need replacing at some point. It’s easy to find Garrett turbocharges, including turbo fitting components such as studs and gaskets, through aftermarket channels for Japanese truck parts. 

Naturally, you should always look for the very best aftermarket truck parts and components, but original parts are particularly important when replacing a turbo, and you should use high-quality studs, gaskets and nuts to ensure you get the very best performance and longevity from your new Garrett turbo.

With so many Japanese trucks on Australian roads, and Garrett supplying most of the original turbochargers for these vehicles, you’ll have no problem finding what you need as long as you stick with reputable suppliers of aftermarket parts for Japanese trucks.

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