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Why We Choose Truckmate Mudguards

When putting together the key components of your truck, it’s natural to consider those crucial maintenance items first: filters, suspension, and all other drivetrain components. But there’s another important replacement part that needs consideration – the mudguards.


Properly functioning mudguards are an important safety feature and a legal requirement. Mudguards prevent your wheels from kicking up debris and water as you drive, therefore protecting the underside of your vehicle, as well as the vehicles of other road users.

Truckmate is a leading manufacturer of high quality mudguards, with a mudguard range covering European, Japanese and North American trucks and all trailer combinations and rigs.

A trusted original equipment manufacturer

Like all truck components, it’s always safest to choose products from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). With mudguards, it is important they are as strong and durable as the original gear your truck had when it was brand new.

Truckmate has been in the mudguard business for almost 30 years, and has gained a reputation as one of the best in the industry. That’s why OEMs choose Truckmate, and so many new vehicles come fitted with Truckmate mudguards and mudguard brackets.

Injection moulded for strength

Truckmate was the first manufacturer in Australia to develop injection moulded mudguards, which have been a gamechanger for product finish quality. Truckmate’s injection moulding uses the highest quality polypropylene and has significantly improved mudguard strength and durability.

A weak mudguard won’t give you the long service you need and expect. Truckmate’s injection moulded products have a superior finish that deflects or absorbs most impacts and outlast all other mudguard brands. For the best protection, Truckmate is the trusted name.

Keep mudguards looking good with UV stabilisation

While looks aren’t everything, many truck owners do have specific livery to brand their vehicles. Drivers and operators alike put time and effort into maintaining the appearance of their trucks because it’s a representation of their business. So, it is crucial to choose mudguards that aren’t going to crack and fade quickly. Even more important, a faded plastic is more brittle and has the potential to fail causing damage to your vehicle and safety risks for other road users.

Truckmate mudguards are available in 12 different colours, but most importantly, they’re all UV stabilised. This prevents fading and deterioration in even the toughest Aussie conditions.

Made locally in Australia

Not only do you get great, high-quality products when you choose Truckmate, but you’re also supporting an Australian company. All their parts are made in Australia, keeping locals employed. Despite being local, they also have global reach as a preferred supplier to the world’s OEM truck manufacturers, including Volvo, Mack, Kenworth and Iveco.

Rest assured that Truckmate mudguards are suited for Australian conditions because they’re made by experienced local professionals. Australia’s climate and road conditions are tough, which is exactly why your mudguards need to be up to the task.

The perfect match for your truck

When purchasing mudguards, you need to ensure they fit your truck perfectly. It’s not a one-size-fits-all proposition, so it’s worth doing your research before purchasing. 

Buying from a reputable supplier with a long history of providing quality aftermarket parts for trucks is extremely important. You’ll save time and money in the long run because you won’t need to replace your mudguards as frequently. Safety comes first with Truckmate, so if you want the best performance, always choose the market leaders.

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