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Kraftiger Air Springs

Efficient operation in all weather conditions (-40ºC to 70ºC)
• High quality metal and plastic components
• Certified Kraiburg rubber products
• Steam vulcanisation for uniform strength and sealing
• 100% leakage testing in production
• Minimum 2 million cycle test at 7 bar
• High design burst pressures
• Excellent resistance to chemical attack

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Stemco Brake Products

STEMCO has long been recognised as a supplier of quality components to the heavy truck and trailer industry.

With it’s mission to ‘Making the Roadways Safer’ STEMCO is committed to delivering the highest quality products available. The STEMCO range of brake products are proudly produced in the USA to the highest standards. The STEMCO Engineering Test Centre is a world class facility used to evaluate, test and bench mark both STEMCO and competing products. STEMCO offers guaranteed quality and assurance it’s products perform in the most demanding applications while meeting all global standards….

Carlise MB21 Lined Shoes

An innovative brake lining designed to reduce overall brake maintenance costs in a wide range of truck and trailer applications.
Carlisle’s family of Milestone brake linings represents the industry’s highest quality premium grade friction materials. Milestone MB-21 is a technologically advanced lining formulation designed to address fleet demands for brake linings that provide a longer service life with excellent drum compatibility.

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Wabco Air System Protectors

Wabco ASP – Silver Cartridge and Wabco ASP Plus – Gold Cartridge  
Wabco ASP – Silver Cartridge
The same high quality desiccant material used in Wabco Air Dryers with excellent drying performance and high mechanical reliability plus a Coalescing Fleece Filter to remove oil aerosols. Recommended for improved protection to the compressed air and braking system. Available up to 13 Bar applications with M 39*1.5 and G

1 1\4” thread size.
Wabco ASP Plus – Gold Cartridge
Two desiccant materials for the highest drying performance and two Coalescing Fleece Filters before and after the desiccant for optimal oil particle removal, providing 50% extended lifetime. Recommended for vehicles …

Wabco Pan 19 & Pan 22 Calipers

NEW-for-OLD PAN 19 & PAN 22 caliper replacement offer:
Brand new genuine WABCO calipers with 2-year Australian warranty.
Australian OE specification and ADR approved: Fast, reliable replacement, Comparable parts & labour cost to caliper repair without the risks! REDUCED PRICES on genuine, WABCO calipers and disc pads

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