Product Description

The supply of high quality engine rebuild components has been core Multispares business for decades and well established relationships with large manufacturers such as Kolbenschmidt, Mahle and Elring provide us with direct access to quality components and comprehensive technical support. With the development of better materials, new lubricants and tighter tolerances, properly maintained later generation engines are running far longer between rebuilds. However, new technologies to improve efficiency and reduce emissions have introduced other challenges for good engine maintenance.

Diesel injectors and turbochargers are critical to the performance and life expectancy of late generation engines. To avoid the risk of serious failure, you should always replace injection system components and turbochargers with the correct product from the original equipment manufacturer. Multispares only sells original components for these applications and, because we have formal wholesale distribution agreements with companies like Bosch and Honeywell, you can buy these products from any Multispares outlet with confidence that our products are backed by the manufacturer.

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Multispares is an independent aftermarket company selling high quality branded products sourced from leading component manufacturers, including those displayed on this page. We provide a credible, competitive and quality alternative for replacement parts and accessories on all the European, Japanese and American vehicle makes.